Once the first step of filing the patent application is complete, the Costa Rican Patent and Trademark Office will first examine whether the formal requirements established by Law are met. Fifteen days after proper notification are awarded to the applicant in case the PTO finds any flaws in this sense. In case the necesarry ammendements are not filed within this time frame, the application will be abandoned.

After this stage, the PTO will issue a notice that must appear for three consecutive days in the Official Gazette and in another national newspaper within the time frame of one month. The Costa Rican Patent Law grants a three-month period after the publication date in the Official Gazette for any third party to file an opposition against said patent application. 

After this period expires, and if there are no oppositions filed, the Patent and Trademark Office will send the application to the corresponding authority in order to initiate the examination phase in Costa Rica. If there are any oppositions, the PTO awards one month for the applicant to respond to any allegations made by the opposer. Failure to file a response by the deadline could be construed by the PTO as a tacit acknowledgment of the opposer's arguments when this case is officially examined in Costa Rica.

The examination phase consists of an initial examination by technicians in the field of the patent, which will determine whether or not the application complies with the patentability requirements of novely, inventive step and industrial applicability. Oppositions and counter-oppositions are also taken into account and resolved by means of this examination report. One full month is awarded to the applicant in order to ammend any defects osberved by the examiner. If these ammendments surpass the examiner´s objections, or if there were no objections to start with, the patent will then move on to grant.