A registered trademark conveys its owner the exclusive right to use such a trademark in the market for as long as the validity term lasts. This implies that a registered trademark can effectively prevent others from using the trademark without permission, since the sale or licensing of trademarks in exchanges for royalties is accepted in Costa Rica. There exist no annual fees necessary in order to maintain the registration of a trademark, or avoid it from becoming void.
Regarding the expiration and renewal of trademarks in Costa Rica. 
» Product and service trademarks have a validity of 10 years; after which all rights related to such a trademark expire. The Costa Rican legislation allows for any trademark owner to renew his rights for a complete new term of 10 years. The application for a trademark renewal must occurr at the least, one year prior to the actual expiration date. The PTMO is currently awarding a grace period of 6 months after this specific date in which any application filed in this sense can be accepted if an additional fee is met.
» All renewal applications must include:

  • Name and address of the owner (and/or of the assigned legal representative)
  • Registration number of the trademark object of the renewal
  • A Power of Attorney, were this renewal application to be filed by someone other than the original legal representative or owner. (If the applicant were the same as in the original trademark application, then a simple reference to the original file and registration number will suffice).
  • Proof of payment of the standarized fee ($50)