This process consists of a presentation stage; an examination phase; an opposition term, and, finally, the registration itself.

  • » The presentation stage is initiated by the filing of the trademark application, proof of payment and all the other documents listed above before the Patent and Trademark Office (a division of the Industrial Property Registry, and, hence a sub-division of the National Registry itself).
  • » The examination phase consists of substantive and formal examinations on behalf of the PTMO. Any defects observed by the PTMO will result in an Official Action, and must be remedied by the applicant, under penalty of abandonment.
  • » As for the publication of the trademark application, a notice must be printed during three consecutive days in the Official Gazette; that is, of course, once the examination phase has concluded and the PTMO has allowed the process to continue.
  • » Starting from the date of publication, there exists a two month term in which any interested party can raise an opposition against the trademark application. A single opposition will result in the birth of a new process parallel to the trademark application before the PTMO. Once all arguments and evidence are provided by both parties, the PTMO will issue a resolution which shall either order a rejection of the trademark application, or order the registration process to continue.
  • » On the contrary, if there exists no opposition to the trademark application, and the two month term has already expired, the PTMO will order the registration of the trademark and issue a formal certificate of registration.