As previously stated, there are several diverse types of trademarks depending on what the actual trademark intends to distinguish.

  • » Product trademarks: As their very name indicates, these are signs that protect and distinguish amongst products; their term of protection is of 10 years. "Coca-Cola", "Nike", and "Nokia" are examples of such trademarks.
  • » Service trademarks: These signs identify specific services, and are also valid for 10 years upon registration. "American Airlines", "Marriott", and "Citibank" are examples of this kind of trademarks.
  • » Trade names: These are signs that allow for a distinction amongst establishments or business premises; and their term of protection is indefinite.
  • » Slogans: Their main purpose is to promote an already existing trademark; and thus are designed to escort the validity of the trademark to which they are associated. Some examples are: the "Just do it" slogan used to promote "Nike" brand products, or the "Always" slogan for "Coca-Cola".