The Nice Classification is a multilateral international treaty administered by the World Intelectual Property Organization. It consists of a classification of goods and services for the purposes of registering trademarks and service marks into clases. There are 34 clases of goods and 11 clases of services described in the Nice Classification. A class is a set of products or services that relate to each other, or have a common feature of their utility function or use, and are grouped accordingly. The significance of such a classification lies in the need to organize the different trademarks and provide a protective environment for each of them.

The Nice Classification compromises about 10,000 indications refering to goods and 1,000 refering to services, and it is currently the most widespread classification criterion.

Our current legislation obligates for any applicant to indicate not only the products the desired trademark vows to protect, but also the class or classes to which such products relate to. It is possible to apply for trademark protection in several clases at once, in order to achieve a greater socope of protection.

The full standings for the Nice Classification can be found at: