Our firm is committed to protecting your inventions from the first phase; therefore, we provide our clients with the best experienced attorneys handling the drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications in all fields, both domestic and foreign. In addition, our firm has a vast experience handling National Phase PCT applications in Costa Rica. Due to the complexity of the system in a country that has only a few years of adherence to the PCT, the Costa Rican Patent Office is still designing the process for National Phase PCT applications. This continuous adjustment in requirements and policies makes it very difficult for law firms not experienced with the PCT practice to be fully updated. Should you have any doubt in regards to the proceedings, please feel free to visit our FAQ section.

Patent Services

  • Local Registration of foreign applications
  • National Phase of PCT applications
  • Background Searches
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent Enforcement
  • Assignment agreements
  • License agreements
  • Translation of patent documents (including specifications and claims) from English and/or French into Spanish
  • Oppositions