In order to help our clients obtain and protect their trademark rights we provide services for the registration of trademarks, which includes the preparation, filing and prosecution of Costa Rican and foreign trademark applications. We also provide services for the protection and enforcement of our clients’ trademark assets in both the Courts and before the Costa Rican Trademark Office. Our services and experience in this regard extend to all of Latin America.

Trademark Services

  • Registration of trademarks in Costa Rica and Latin America
  • Background & clearance searches
  • License agreements
  • Assignment agreements
  • Consent agreements
  • Renewal of trademark registrations
  • Change of ownership
  • Change of address
  • Oppositions
  • Answer to oppositions
  • Cease & Desist letters
  • Appeal & administrative Processes
  • Trademark litigation
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Watch services
  • Translation of documents English/Spanish
  • Domain Names/Trademarks conflicts